Parking Permits

Please note: The city upgraded the RV/Trailer Online Parking Permit System to a new system on Monday, June 3, 2019.

Existing users of the system will not need to re-register in the new system, however users will need to reset their passwords in the new system.

For more information, see this helpful step-by-step guide at and this fact sheet at

Please feel free to call us at 562-866-9771, extension 2140 if you have any questions.

Under the permit-only parking plan, managed by the online parking permit system, Lakewood RV, truck camper, and trailer owners can apply for no-fee permits to park on city streets while they fit out their RV or trailer before a trip and while they prepare their RV or trailer for storage afterward.

An exception is the brief time during immediate loading and unloading of a vehicle. No permit is required for the short time while an owner is in the process of unloading or loading.

Owners with a permit are required to adhere to all other parking regulations, including no-parking during street sweeping hours.

Under the permit-only parking regulations:

  • Lakewood RV and trailer owners can apply online for a no-fee parking permit for their RV, truck camper, or trailer.
  • Only a Lakewood resident can obtain a permit, and only for vehicles registered by the DMV to a Lakewood address (other than a post office box).
  • Each on-street parking permit is valid for one day. (Permits can be combined for up to three consecutive days.)
  • Typically, an owner will need one or more permits to park while setting up a recreational vehicle for a trip and one or more permits while preparing the vehicle for storage at the end of the trip.
  • A one-day "gap" must separate the last day of three consecutive days of permitted parking and the first day of another day of permitted parking.
  • An RV, truck camper, or trailer can receive up to 52, one-day parking permits.
  • Only two permits for on-street parking will be issued for at any one address at any one time.
  • For owners of more than one recreational vehicle, the maximum number of permits issued at any one address is 104.

RVs, truck campers, and trailers parked on city streets will be cited if the owner does not have a valid parking permit. The citation for parking a Lakewood RV, truck camper, or trailer without a valid permit is $48 a day.

Neither the permit system nor on-street parking ordinances have any effect on the parking of recreational vehicles or trailers on private property.

The on-street parking of non-Lakewood-registered RVs, truck campers, and trailers is not permitted (with very limited exceptions).