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Check your answer in Lakewood's 65th Anniversary trivia contest

Check your answer in Lakewood's 65th Anniversary trivia contest

In honor of the city’s 65th Anniversary celebration, each Thursday evening at 7 p.m. from April 18 through May 30, a trivia question related to a past decade in Lakewood’s history was posted on the city’s Facebook page @LakewoodCalifornia. The first person to post the correct answer won a prize.

The contest concluded with the last trivia question posted on May 30. 

Woody the Tree is featured in a series of collectible cards depicting him through each decade since Lakewood's incorporation. These cards and other "Woody's Goodies" are part of the 65th Anniversary prize pack for each winner of the weekly trivia question. 

Everyone is welcome to stop by City Hall to pick up a free set of these limited edition Lakewood trivia cards while they last. 

Trivia questions and answers

2010s: Congratulations to Mark Myron!
The Weingart Senior Center turned 30 years old in 2012. But, what other Lakewood community center is also home to senior services, including a focus on the fast-growing baby boom generation?

a)    Palms Park and Community Center 
b)    John Sanford Todd Community Center
c)    The Centre at Sycamore Plaza
d)    Burns Community Center

2000s: Congratulations to Billie Jo Flake!
One of Lakewood Center’s many innovations over the years was the opening in 2009 of this big-box retailer. It was a first for a traditional mall in Southern California. What is the name of this big-box retailer?
a) Sports Authority Superstore
b) Home Depot
c) Costco
d) Best Buy

1990s: Congratulations to Allison Nicole Pistey!
Which Lakewood park was dedicated in 1990?
a) Del Valle Park
b) Bolivar Park
c) Mae Boyar Park
d) Rynerson Park

1980s: Congratulations to winner Dan Mclemore!
What facility opened during the 1980s? 
a) The Centre (at Sycamore Plaza)
b) The Burns Community Center
c) The Lakewood Country Club
d) All of the above

1970s: Congratulations to winner Brandy Michlig Yeaman!
What service began in 1975 to assist homebound Lakewood residents?
a) On-call nursing care
b) Water delivery services
c) Meals on Wheels
d) Pay-per-view

1960s: Congratulations to winner George Schilling!
What musical act performed at the Lakewood Youth Center in the 1960s?
a) Big Brother and the Holding Company
b) Buffalo Springfield
c) Ike & Tina Turner
d) The Supremes

1950s: Congratulations to winner Cecelia Coffey Cheshier!
According to a survey by the Lakewood Water & Power Company in 1955, the average Lakewood household earned how much per year?
a) $3,100
b) $5,100
c) $8,100
d) $11,100