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Record rainfall means an early mosquito season

Record rainfall means an early mosquito season

Due to the recent rainfall and warming temperatures, the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District is warning residents to take extra precautions to eliminate any standing water in their homes and yards. Common sources for standing water include plant saucers, buckets, tires, pet water bowls, recycling bins, trash cans, and even trash hidden in nearby bushes.

Since disease-spreading mosquitoes can complete their life cycles from egg to adult in about one week, water collected in containers should be used or “tipped and tossed” immediately.

Rain barrels and containers must be tightly sealed to prevent mosquito entry and green, unmaintained pools should be cleaned.

If you need to store water in any container longer than a week, take these steps to ensure they are mosquito-proof:

• Cover all water-filled containers with tightly fitting lids.
• Screen all openings such as downspouts from roof gutters with 1/16 inch fine mesh to keep mosquitoes out.
• Check for holes in screens monthly to prevent mosquitoes from entering the container and laying hundreds of eggs.
• Use and maintain natural mosquito control products containing Bti in water that must be kept for longer periods.

“Mosquito eggs only need a teaspoon of water to complete their life cycle,” said Anais Medina Diaz, of the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District (GLACVCD). “By eliminating mosquito breeding sources in your home today, you can protect your family’s health as temperatures warm up.”

For more information or to anonymously report green, unmaintained pools, please visit GLACVCD’s website at, or call Lakewood City Hall at 562-866-9771 extension 2140.