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TAP to ride in town and around Los Angeles County

TAP to ride in town and around Los Angeles County

TAP is a program that allows you to get where you need to go across Los Angeles County on public transit without the hassle of carrying coins. Once you get a TAP card, you can load it electronically with transit passes, Stored Value (cash amount) or transfers. (Cash is no longer accepted for transfers between transit agencies.)

When you board a bus or train, simply tap your card on the TAP target to pay the fare, quickly and easily.

There are four ways to buy or reload a TAP card:
• At Metro Rail stations using a TAP vending machine
• Online at
• By phone at 866-827-8646 (866-TAPTOGO)
• In person at a TAP vendor (find one by city or zip code at

In Lakewood, you can reload TAP cards and obtain LIFE discount coupons at the Angelo Iacoboni Library, 4990 Clark Avenue. For more information on the LIFE coupons for low-income residents, contact Human Services Association at 562-806-0250 or

The TAP card system works across many transit systems. Each system offers reduced fares with different requirements.

Long Beach Transit offers reduced fares for seniors (minimum age 62), customers with disabilities, K-12 students and college/trade school students. Eligible CSULB students, faculty and staff receive free transit. 

To learn more and apply for Long Beach Transit discount fares online, visit

Lakewood seniors and disabled residents can get help preparing the reduced-fare application at Weingart Senior Center, 5220 Oliva Avenue. Call 562-630-6141 to request an appointment with the TAP case manager.

For more information, visit the TAP website at